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Single Line Single Line (2)
Deltas, Sleds, Miniatures, Rokkakus, Parafoils, Fighters, Eddys, Cellular, Edos, Conynes, Custom Made SLKs and more... If it has one line and is for sale, find it here!
Sport Kites Sport Kites (2)
Full size, 3/4, venteds, Ultralights, Indoor/Zero Wind, Custom Made sport kites and more... If it's controllable, has more than one line and is for sale, find it here!
Traction/Power Traction/Power (0)
Air Foils, Traction Foils, Inflatables for surfing, big REVS, and Stackers too. If it flies and has enough power to haul your carcass around the patch, find it here!
Kite Buggy Kite Buggy (0)
How many ways can you say "Buggy?" If it's light or heavy, single or dualie, on or off-road, custom or production, old or just slightly broken in - find 'em here!
Ground Boarding Ground Boarding (0)
Your old skateboard ain't in here, dwed - All the ground boards around! Over-the counters and customs. Trucks, Wheels, and Decks. Find 'em here!
Kitesurf Kitesurf (0)
How many ways can you say "surfboard?" Directionals, Wake-Boards, customs, and any others you can think of - get them and related accessories here!
Accessories Accessories (1)
If ya GOTTA fly - you need this stuff! Kite-bags, winders and lines, bars and straps and harnesses, special clothing and gloves, even kite-pins. All in here!
Kite Building Kite Building (0)
Everything you need to refurbish that old rag or build a new one from scratch. Sewing Machines, Hot Knives, Glue-up gear and more... Find it here!
Store Specials Store Specials (0)
Stores or distributors looking to post items for sale should do so in this area... You can even add a URL to the item on your site for visitors to check out, or browse the store!
Kite Business Kite Business (0)
Folks selling or looking for kite businesses to get into, mfg, stores, web sites, or maybe - even someone selling their entire stock. Here's where to look!
Non-Kite Items Non-Kite Items (1)
A place for non-kite items such as Yo-Yos, toys, windsocks, etc.
eBay/Auction eBay/Auction (0)
Auctioning an item on eBay (or similar) and want extra exposure? Place an ad in this section with a referring URL and relevant information for visitors to find it!
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